Young Prostate Researchers Symposium 2010

The goal of the symposium is to stimulate top quality research and new collaborations and networks among young investigators engaged in prostate research in the UK. The symposium brings together young scientists working on basic, translational and clinical sciences from all areas of prostate research. As you can see by the delegates at the 2009 Symposium the word "Young" is a very loose term! Register for the 2010 meeting via the link on the first page.


There are currently very limited opportunities for interactions among young UK researchers in prostate cancer, as there are few national meetings and none specifically targeted at early stage researchers. Additionally, there is potential for better links between young clinical and basic researchers; forming such links among early stage investigators may promote long-term clinical/basic research collaborations and help to increase translational work in the future. The symposium provided opportunities for the career development of early stage researchers to help ensure that they remain in the field and succeed in establishing independent positions and funding. This will contribute to the development of successful scientists that are essential to ensure a strong group of investigators able to deliver internationally competitive research. In the long term, this will lead to better treatments for prostate cancer patients.


The 2010 Symposium is being sponsored by The Prostate Cancer Charity & Prostate Research Cancer Foundation

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